musica assoluta

Fearless and inquisitive, passionate, with a vision beyond their own horizons:

Since 2011, the musicians of Hannover’s orchestra musica assoluta under the guidance of composer and conductor Thorsten Encke have proven repeatedly that renewal within the classical realm is possible. Refreshing, the musicians’ approach to established works of well-known composers, refreshing, the ensemble’s unrelenting search for unconventional repertoire and experimental forms of presentation – boundless, universal, modern.

Comprised of award winning young musicians from across Germany, musica assoluta has established an ever expanding series of daring and innovative concerts in Hannover while actively investing in the next generation through a combination of projects in local schools and collaboration with young soloists of tomorrow. With its programmatic intensity and urgent directness musica assoluta responds to a pressing and palpable need for new ways of presenting and experiencing music.

musica assoluta has collaborated with such renowned artists as Isabelle Faust, Sharon Kam, Antje Weithaas, Benjamin Schmid, Ragna Schirmer und german hornsound, and performs regularly at international music festivals such as the Niedersächsische Musiktage, the KunstFestSpiele Herrhausen, and the Klangbrücken Festival Hannover. In the 2016 season alone the ensemble appeared at the festivals jung.klasse.KLASSIK Braunschweig, Tonali Hamburg, and the International Mendelssohn Festival Hamburg.

A number of radio broadcasts and CD recordings attest to the ensemble’s intrepid programming and performance excellence.

It was a pleasure to work with this ensemble! Hannover needed exactly this kind of imaginative project to round out its cultural life! I will do everything I can to support it!
Sharon Kam